Free King James Bible

The King James Bible is an English translation of the Christian Bible. As the name suggests, it was done by the famous King James I. The Free King James Bible can now be downloaded from the internet which is similar to the paperback. It is a very important tool to browse through the Holy Book anytime and anywhere. Once the Bible is downloaded, the users can refer to it for diverse topics. This Bible has the Old as well as the New Testaments and study aids which further help the reader to comprehend the matter therein. The Free King James Bible has been translated from the original Book and has been revised extensively by the King. It is easy to comprehend and the users can directly go to the exact topic that is desired. The Bible can be downloaded in very easy steps. This Bible version is an exact replica of the original one and hence, the users can be sure of the content in the same. The Free King James Bible is compatible with most of the devices such as mobile phones, personal computers, etc. It is very effective for all those users who wish to read the Bible in its English version. Once the download is complete, the same can be saved in a folder of the user’s choice. This can then be referred to as and when it is required. The innumerable topics in the Free King James Bible makes it the most popular and extensive book for all. With a list of contents, easy index and a ‘Search’ option, it is one of the better known options for a Book of this stature. The Bible also allows the user to change the font size, colour, etc, of the text so as to suit individual requirements.