Free Iso Converter

Converting other image formats to the ISO file type is made possible with the Free ISO Converter. It is a free tool, as the name suggests and can be downloaded by anyone who has a device that runs on Windows OS, notwithstanding the version. The ease with which the conversion can be carried out is yet another advantage. Even a novice user can comprehend it in the first instance. The user friendly interface of the app makes this possible. This comprehensive tool supports several formats. Some of these include MDF, PDI, BIN, NRG, etc. Blu – Ray disks as well as normal CDs and DVDs can be used for conversion. The download of the Free ISO Converter can be done within a few minutes as it is clean without any harmful viruses. The file size is also pretty small. Therefore, very less disk space is required for its storage. Once it is installed, all it takes is just a few clicks. Users need to indentify the files that need to be converted and add them to the interface. This can be done by browsing through the folders. There is a preview window which helps them make any changes in the final output. Some of these customisation options include renaming files, extracting certain portions, etc. The next step would be to specify the output folder. Clicking on the ‘convert’ button will start the job. There is a progress bar in the Free ISO Converter which lets users know about the time left for the process to be completed. It is a very handy tool since the ISO image format is supported by a number of platforms and devices. Therefore, anyone with such requirements should consider downloading this software. There are no instances of any system crashes or delays. It is highly recommended.