Free Image to PDF

Free Image to PDF is a desktop application from Free PDF Solutions that converts your images to PDF file format. If you are looking for such app then you will definitely love this app because it is extremely easy to use and very simple. PDF is one of the most popular formats which almost all PCs can read containing files easily. So even if you don�t have an image viewer app you can still save your images to PDF and enjoy watching them because this app does not decrease their quality at all. You can have your images in PDF format just like original image files. The app has a perfect user interface without affecting the performance at all. It has a good conversion speed and yet it doesn�t use too much RAM or other system resources. It�s very light and small yet powerful. The used RAM is no more than 60 megabytes at worst conditions. All images are saved in their original names and you can change the output folder for storing converted files. There are different types of conversion for different situations; �Single Image� for one conversion, �Multiple Images� for multiple files in one folder, �Single Folder� for converting all files inside one folder and �Multiple Folders� for converting a series of images inside multiple folders. The progress of conversion for each file is shown next to its name and this helps you to see the progress of conversion process. Main features of Free Image to PDF are:Download