Free Ico Converter

The Free ICO Converter tool is basically a lightweight application tool that allows the users to convert images into ICO file format in a simple and easy manner. This software application showcases a plain interface with easy features. Users can easily operate the program by adding the files to the list with the drag and drop feature. The program also includes an in-built browser button. The Free ICO Converter tool saves the converted files in the same location as the original files. However, the users are allowed to save the converted files into a separate directory. This free converter tool supports batch processing method and therefore it is possible to convert multiple files simultaneously. The Free ICO Converter tool functions well with four different file formats which include GIF, JPG, BMP and PNG. The program also allows the users to delete the uploaded image and clear the list of files if necessary. This free software tool enables the users to view the photos which are added to the list in the primary panel. The program performs the conversion process quickly and flawlessly. The program is also designed to avoid collision of file name and supports renaming of files. This free converter tool offers excellent image output quality. It is quite convenient and easy to use. The Free ICO Converter tool supports popular image formats. This software program seldom involves in the operations of other programs. Although it lacks various parameters, it is an ideal converter tool that performs its task optimally. The Free ICO Converter tool can be conveniently used to convert images into ICO format easily and quickly. The program also enables the users to open and view the folder of the converted files. However, the images need to be resized to prevent errors while using this free converter tool.