Free HTML to PDF Converter

Converting a webpage in HTML to PDF can prove to be very daunting in the absence of effective software. Since there are many users who have such requirements, it is important to rely on a tool that preserves the original layout and produc es top class PDF documents. The Free HTML to PDF converter is one such app. It is absolutely free of cost and converts web pages to the latter file type within no time. There are no hidden charges it is a powerful tool that is simple to use. Being a light weight tool, it can be used as a standalone app on the desktop as it does not require much disk space. The fact that users do not need any additional specifications like Adobe is also a significant feature of this freeware. The user interface of the tool i s also quite straight forward. All the functions and options are available in the main menu itself and there are no complex settings. Apart from the text, the Free HTML to PDF converter also supports several image formats. Therefore, the same can be extrac ted and saved in files such as BMP, PNG, JPEG, etc. It is a comprehensive tool that does not require users to be technically savvy. Once it is initiated, users need to add the URL of the webpage which needs to be converted. Users then need to select the pa ges which they wish to be converted. It can be an entire website or certain sections of it. They can convert the same to a single PDF file or a compilation of several such documents. Though it comes with default settings, there are quite a few advanced opt ions in the Free HTML to PDF converter. Users can encrypt the files, set the page size, add bookmarks, et