Free Holy Bible

Bible is a book of God’s action in the world and his aim with all creation. This book has been written in many years and is an effort of many authors

. PC-Based Software to Study Biblical Passages

The Bible book is written in sixteen centuries and fourteen authors worked for it. It is a wonderful book and is a collection of 66 books. These all books are written in various styles and all consist of God desire. There are many people in the world who want to access our favorite biblical passages.

Main Advantages and Options

The purpose of the Bible to be used with the Olive Three website. You will need to open an account for this software to function properly. Once this account is active, you are given a kaleidoscope of interactive tools. The best feature of it is that the real image of biblical is connected with it. This book is useful and has many features compared to other books,

Catering to a Variety of Needs

You can attend bible classes or you can find the nuances connected with the different passages. We can use a built that is present in the search function to identify particular reference and add footnotes in the new update. It provides us more clarity and insight when required.

We should know that the Bible is a copy of the King James Bible and you can read it on your computer. You can read text easily, can change the size of text on your choice, and highlight the words God in red. You can find the particular areas in the Bible and you return to those places where you left off if you have bookmarked these places. The best advantage of the bible that you can print those pages easily if you choose them.


  • You can study the Bible in the best way if the footnote is present
  • You can save any downloaded file on the home screen


  • Old windows can support this software
  • It depends on the user reviews