Free GIF to JPG Converter

Free Picture Solutions has come to you with another image converter named Free GIF to JPG Converter. Its job is to convert all your GIF images to JPG format. GIF files are animated pictures which hold a series of still images. They are best for storing a piece of movie or a dynamic scene. So if you have GIF images on your computer and want to extract them to still images, then your best choice is this Free GIF to JPG Converter. Its simplicity makes it a good choice for your purpose. In fact there are no settings here except for the converted file’s quality which you can change it by dragging the slider to the right for a higher quality and to the left for a lower quality. The app needs you to specify 2 things only: input file to be converted and the output folder for the converted file to be saved. Isn’t it simple? Also it has a great speed of conversion so that many times you don’t even notice the time passed for conversion. After conversion is finished you can open the output folder by clicking “Open Output Folder” button. The app is very small that can be used as a portable app without any requirements. Some of the main features of Free GIF to JPG Converter are: