Free Funny Photo Maker

The Free Funny Photo Maker is a software program that is designed to edit images. The tool allows the users to crop images, faces to frames, funny backgrounds and movie posters. The Free Funny Photo Maker tool also provides the option to add animation effects to the photographs. The application has an attractive and simple interface which is extremely easy to comprehend. The software enables the users to choose an image file and assimilate it within any selected frame. This software tool with its simple and colorful interface offers the users vast options to create artistic compositions with the available features. The entire process of image editing is extremely simple as the tool allows the users to add pictures to the photo gallery to simplify the process of selection. It is then quite easy to blend these photos with other images. The Free Funny Photo Maker tool has simple editing options such as crop, filter, rotation, flipping, and addition of various art clips, annotation and so forth. This free software program includes three main options where the users can browse and choose the best frame, artistic effect or the funniest face. The tool offers a plethora of options in the frame section which include billboards, animals, screens, movies, nature, games and sports. The next section is known as Face Fun where the users can select original photos and add the faces to the bodies of animals, celebrities, landscapes and so forth. The users are offered a variety of graphical effects in the artistic section. However, the Free Funny Photo Maker tool has no options for customization. This free tool offers a range of options such as paint, colors, mood, wave, sketch and lights. The Free Funny Photo Maker is a powerful free photo editor tool that offers funny photo frames and collage effects.