As the name suggests, the Free FLAC Player allows users to play all such music files which have the .flac extension. What makes this software one of the better known ones is a number of features that can be used very easily. Since most of the users look for a player that can be managed without any professional expertise and can play their favourite movies in high quality, this software meets all the checks. It is freeware and users need not subscribe for any updates. It does not come with a trial period and once it is installed onto a system, it can be used for as long as there is a requirement. The fact that it is a light weight app ensures that it does not require much of the systems’ space and resources. Being free from any malware and adware, the Free FLAC Player can be downloaded by anyone who has a number of such files. As mentioned earlier, the software comes with a crisp and user friendly interface. Basic functions such as play, pause, stop, forward, etc, can be accomplished from the interface itself. Apart from this, advanced settings such as speed of the file, size, subtitles and quality can also be enhanced quite easily. With the drag and drop function enabled, users can save a lot of time in searching for the relevant files and uploading them onto the tool. They can even create their own playlists and share the same with others. At any point in time, the Free FLAC Player allows users to remove files from their playlist, play a particular file and shuffle them as per your requirements. It can be used to play music files without any interruptions and supports any device that runs on Windows OS. This functional tool is highly recommended.