Free File Shredder

There may be several files in your computer which contain sensitive information or which are no longer necessary. To remove all such files and folders permanently from a device without leaving any traces, the Free File Shredder is a very effective tool. It can be used with the Windows OS and deletes all such files which are not important, but may contain information which cannot be known to anyone else. It is a very light weight program that has been designed so as to empty files and folders in a secure method. Since it is quite easy to use, anyone can make use of this Free File Shredder without any glitches. Any ‘recovery’ tools cannot recover the deleted information from the devices once this software is used and hence, it is very secure. The time taken to delete any files is also quite less, thus saving a lot of time for users. A number of files can be deleted at one go with this free software. Even the content is Recycle Bin is removed when the Free File Shredder is used. The software asks the user if the same needs to be done and once the user confirms, the process is completed within a few seconds. Be it a folder of any size, this tool has been designed to delete the same in very simple steps. All that needs to be done is to add the files that need to be removed from the system by dragging and dropping them or browsing for them. The Shredder supports almost all Windows OS and therefore, is a very flexible program. The installation is also very easy and the Free File Shredder does not contain any malware. For all those users who wish to increase disk space by removing unwanted files, this is the ideal solution.