Free EXIF to PDF Converter

EXIF is one of the many image formats which are used commonly by people across the world. This is a format that supports smart phones, digital cameras and many other platforms. In order to convert the same to PDF, the Free EXIF to PDF con verter can be used. With this tool, users will get high quality files in no time and without any effort. It is a standalone app that does not require Adobe and hence, is quite useful for everyone. There are several beneficial features of the software which make it quite popular amongst users. Being absolutely free, it can be used any number of times once installed. There are no hidden charges and registrations to be opted for. Another important factor is that it is f ree from malware and adware. Users need n ot have any apprehensions with regards to the security of the system when installing the Free EXIF to PDF converter. It is a light weight tool and does not require much disk space either. The freeware supports batch conversion. Whether it is several images in one file or different folders, all of them can be added in one go onto the software and converted simultaneously. This saves a lot of time and effort. Once the files are up, users can even remove some and all of them just with a few clicks. The default quality settings ensure that there is no difference in the resultant images from the source. However, avid users can also make the most of the advanced settings. The Free EXIF to PDF converter allows users to save the PDF files in the source folder or cha nge it to another.