Free Duplicate Photo Finder

The Duplicate Photo Finder is a powerful and useful tool to eliminate duplicate images from a device’s hardware. This is useful since it results in reduction of disk space usage effectively. If a device has many unnecessary digital images and the same are eating up a lot of space, it affects the speed and performance of the system. In order to avoid this, the Duplicate Photo Finder recognises similar images from different files, folders, etc, despite the type and size. This is possible by recognising the content from similar images so that all those that are not required can be eliminated. The Photo Finder tool is so designed as to scan the duplicates saved in different folders, formats, etc. The duplicate images can then be viewed in a single place so that the user can identify the best image and delete the ones that are not required. Apart from deleting the images, the Duplicate Photo Finder also copies and moves images from one folder to the other. These functions can be carried out in simple steps. In fact with a single click the user can identify the best images and do away with the ones that are not needed. Notwithstanding the quality of the pictures, the Photo Finder helps in eliminating the duplicate ones. Even the images that are rotated are taken into account and are recognised by the Duplicate Photo Finder. This tool can be downloaded for free. Since the photos are recognised on the basis of content, the Photo Finder brings similar ones side by side so that the user can compare these. The original and duplicate ones are demarcated and the similarity percentage is also shown. The three functions, ‘Move’, ‘Browse’ and ‘Delete’ are available on the screen so that the user can use these as deemed necessary.