Free Duplicate File Finder

Free Duplicate File Finder is a powerful software application that helps to find and delete duplicate files. Duplicate files often occupy a large space in the hard disk during the process of downloading files from the internet. The free duplicate file finder tool helps to detect such files and remove them from the computer. Deleting duplicate files facilitate in reducing the backup size and time. It also helps to speed up the process of indexing. With this free software tool, it is possible to remove duplicate files and improve the data quality. It also helps to regain valuable space in the hard disk of the computer. The free duplicate file finder has an extensive set of parameters that enable the users to find duplicate files and discard them. Beginners can use the Basic Engine program to eliminate unwanted files. Users can search for files by specifying the criteria such as the File Name, File Date and Time and File Extension. Professional users can utilize the Advanced Engine as it includes additional search options. It includes several options such as File Size range, File Modified Data range, Hidden files and folders, Filter tab and so forth. This software tool simplifies the process of searching for the required files easily and effortlessly. Once the search process is completed the users can choose the duplicate files and remove them from the hard disk. The free duplicate file finder software program features various benefits. It is user friendly and the fastest tool which can be used to detect and delete duplicate files. The duplicate file finder also helps to reduce the problem of synchronization. The searched file information can be exported to txt or html format. This free software tool is compatible with all Microsoft Window versions.