Free Docx Viewer

There are many versions of MS Word that have been in use in the past. There are some which date back to the year 2003. However, though most of the users have shifted to the newer versions, there are some who still prefer the older ones. There may be many users who have come across such a situation in which they have to deal with the old versions and it is highly unlikely that the systems are compatible with the same. In such an instance, the Free DocX Viewer is the ideal solution. It allows the user to view such documents without having to download MS Word. Since the installation can be a very time taking process, this Viewer saves a lot of time and effort for users. In fact, you can use this software even if there is no MS Office on the system. It is a simple tool that is quite effective and fast. Users can view their Word files using the Free DocX Viewer. There are no editing features and if there are any changes that need to be made, the users can copy the content on to a newer version and do the needful. However, copying the content on clipboard and using it on another version is quite a simple task, should there be a need to make any changes. It is a light weight program that does not require much of the disk space and is completely free of any malware. There is no price attached to the Viewer and what makes it even better is that just with a single click, users can open the tool and use it. The Free DocX Viewer is compatible with almost all Windows Operating Systems and does not require any specific applications to be installed.