Free Dng Converter

A DNG Converter is a tool that every avid photographer needs in order to convert unprocessed images to the digital negative format so that they are more compatible with digital cameras. Since it can be very difficult to store the unprocessed ones, the Free DNG Converter makes it easier for all those who innumerable images to be kept in one place. This is a tool that converts them into a lossless raw image format, which is owned by Adobe and is specifically designed for digital photography. The software is quite simple to use and can convert any photographs from digital cameras to a better known format so that the quality is kept intact and there is no harm done to the images with time. There are many advantages of this converter apart from the fact that it is absolutely free. A large batch of photographs can be converted to the DNG format within a short span of time and at one go. There are features in the Free DNG Converter which allow the user to customise the images and compress the files. The download and installation are also quite simple and once this is done, the user needs to add files and select the output source. The ‘Convert’ button will ensure that the process is completed within no time. The software is malware free and is safe to download. The source of the images which need conversion does not matter and hence, the flexibility of this free DNG Converter is commendable. The conversion enables photographers to easily access their older images with ease and use them in the future without any damage to the quality. There are many digital image formats that can be converted using this software and it does not depend on the brand in the least.