The MP4 format is one of the most compatible of all multimedia files. It can be played on several platforms such as iOS, Android, PSP, etc, and the quality of the videos and movies is also very high. When compared to the aforementioned files, the DivX is less flexible. Though it can help in compressing files and storing them in CDs, it is a fact that they need specific players to enable users to watch their favorite movies. The Free DivX to MP4 Converter allows users to convert the former file type to the latter so that they can be played on portable devices. It is a simple tool that can be used by anyone. Even those users who are not technically savvy can comprehend it in the first instance. There is an absence of any complex settings and this makes it one of the better known products from amongst its ilk. It is a clean app that is free from any harmful viruses. Therefore, users need not have any apprehensions whilst downloading the app. The Free DivX to MP4 Converter is ideal for professional as well as personal purposes. With the default settings, users can get top class MP4 files in just a few minutes. There are many advanced options as well for the avid converters. Using these, they can modify the resolution, picture quality (color, brightness and contrast), frame size, bit rate and the volume parameters. It takes just a few clicks to get the job done and the result is always impressive. Users can use the batch conversion mode should they have several DivX files and they can even set the order of the same. The Free DivX to MP4 Converter allows them to choose the output folder and access the same from the interface itself.