DivX is a codec used to store audio and video content and subtitles in CDs. They have to ability to compress files without affecting their quality and hence, have gained immense popularity when it comes to multimedia files. However, they need specific platforms in order for people to play and enjoy them. Converting them to the FLV format so as to make them more compatible is possible with the Free DivX to FLV Converter. Since the latter file type can be used to upload videos on internet and share them on various websites, this software can prove to be very convenient. It is a tool that can convert files in a jiffy without affecting their quality in any way. Another benefit is that it does not require much disk space either. Therefore, the speed and performance of the system used are not hampered in any way. There are many functions available for users and all these can be put to use with just a few clicks. Not only is it easy to use, but also free of cost. There are no trail versions or hidden charges that come with the Free DivX to FLV Converter. It is a very clean app which does not contain any malware or adware and can be downloaded within a few minutes. All that is required is a system that runs on Windows OS. There is no need for the users to be experts in technical knowledge. Anyone with an average level of knowhow can comprehend the usage of the tool. Another important feature worth mention is batch conversion. Should users have a number of DivX files which need converting, they can do so simultaneously without wasting any time. The Free DivX to FLV Converter comes with a straightforward interface and a crisp layout.