Free Decrypt PDF

Printing, editing and copying encrypted PDFs is an impossible task if users do not have the password. However, with the Free Decrypt PDF, users can work with such files without any glitches. As the name suggests, it removes any restrictio ns from PDF documents within no time and enables users to edit them as per their requirements. It is a very simple, yet effective tool that decrypts a number of files in one go, thus saving a lot of time. Since PDF is the format which is used by most compa nies across the world, this is indeed a very handy tool. It is a small sized file which can be downloaded onto any device that runs on Windows OS. There is no malware or adware during the installation process and hence, it is quite safe. The user interface is also very straight forward. Users who are new to the technology and have not seen such software earlier can also comprehend it in the first instance. Once the Free Decrypt PDF is initiated, all that needs to be done is to add the encrypted files onto t he interface. This can be achieved by using the drag and drop feature. Within minutes, all of them will be ready to use. Be it compressed files or any other type, all of them can be included in the process and the software will get the job done. There is a progress bar which lets users know the time remaining for the same and once accomplished, a message will be displayed for their convenience. It is a standalone app that does not require any additional requirements. The Free Decrypt PDF does not have any l imitations to the number of times it can be used to lift restrictions.