Free Daily Bible Verse

When you download this software, a verse is daily sent a device where this daily bible verse is installed. It is free and very useful software for those people who want to read the bible daily to make their living in the best way. The best thing about the software is that this work is done in simple and there is no need for any effort on the part of the user. It is completely free software and does not require any money. There is no extra charge and subscription which users need to sign up

There is alarm attached to the Daily bible verse, the user can read the bible verse daily and will not miss any verse. When a verse is sent to its user then he can share them with his family or friends via Facebook and Twitter.  It is useful for those people who want to read that saying in the bible and want to act on them. Anyone can control it without any problem and it is very impressive. It is a very popular software and it is the best way to send a message of Allah to his creations.

The Daily Bible Verse sends verse directly to your device in a simple snd easy way. The requirements of this software are that you give short and meaningful daily bible verse those provide you power and inspiration.

  • You can get spiritual guidance by reading the verses that are shared with you daily.
  • You can get impressive scripture daily
  • Daily notification is sent on your scripture
  • There is a translation of King James Version or New International Version is present here
  • When a verse is sent to you then you should share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Google
  • Share this software to your friends to spread the message of God

t is a clean and simple layout that gives you access to a few dedicated parameters. It allows you to change the background color and chose various cross-type.

There is no need for much information about the computer to work with this software even rookies can set up with minimum effort

We note that Daily Bible Verse take task quickly, gives the best quality image and there is no error in the whole process. It does not interfere computer process, nor in the function of other programs.