Free Collage Maker

Are you an artist? Do you like old picture albums? Are you bored of viewing images one by one? Well, you have to install Free Collage Maker then. It is a Windows application that makes collages fast and also it has some graphical effects. It is very simple and easy to use and this is a good feature because many users are not professionals so the simplicity plays an essential role here. No settings, no configuration and no complicated graphical parameters. You just import your images and add them to main screen and there you go. Apply desired frames, rotate pictures and anything you like to make it ready. You can control images very easily. Just click and hold your mouse on one of four green dots on the image and move your mouse to see how it works. You can change background picture to a solid color or a custom picture. You can specify your own size to images if you don’t like dragging function. There are some effects that you can apply to your images which are very useful. The effects are Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and some more. You can also make your images like old pictures by applying Grayscale effect to them. The Negative effect is also very good for making pictures look artistic. Once you are done with editing, you can save your work to an image file. There are many online tools like Free Collage Maker on the web but you have to try this and see how easily you can make your collages with this desktop application.