Free Checkers

Checker is a board game and it is made with the help of Bitwise computer solution. There is no other additional content than the choosable difficulty level. The player can compete against the computer on the classical board. You can play in easily because it is a simple and classic board.

Checkers is also called drought that is a difficult game. You can learn it easily but it is very difficult to master. It has simple rules just catch enemy pieces and win the game. It is a multiplayer game and you can this with your family, friend, or against artificial intelligence.


  1. 1 player or 2 players can play on it
  2. There are 5 levels of difficulty
  3. There are HD graphics
  4. It can undo the wrong movement
  5. Its response quickly
  6. 3 Themes for classic board and pieces

Same Game Different Names

All countries call it a different name such as Americans call it Checker while British call it draughts. There are many names of this game such as dame dames, or dum. There are two pieces in white and black color for two players in this game. Every player trying to catch all enemy pieces by jumping over them. There are two names of pieces that is included men and stone.

Anyone can learn it in a few seasons and enjoy it at any time in the worldwide. Machines are used to create new solved pattern games. Checker game is coming from Eastern board game Alquerque or Qirkat. This game has board size and a number of game pieces.

The Main Features

Checkers game provides its user with a simple game board for the computer. The minimal system resource is needed for a game that is ideal for the computer. Users can change the difficulty level from learners to Grandmaster. This game has simple graphics that make it easy to play on it.


  • It needs a small system
  • There is a simple and statistic sheet
  • The mode of the game is adjusted


  • You interface some difficult settings
  •  More than one player cannot play on because there is no multiplayer mode