Free CCITT to PDF Converter

An extension of the TIFF files, the .ccitt files are used to compress and store images that are in black and white. Since most PDF files contain images, it becomes very important to convert the CCITT files to this professional format so as to create a uniform appearance. For all such purposes, the Free CCITT to PDF converter should be considered. It is one of the better known products available in the internet database, thanks to a number of useful features. The first, and perhaps the mos t significant of all, is that it is absolutely free of cost. The only thing users need to do is to download and install it onto a device that runs on Windows OS. They need not have any Adobe apps in order to convert between the aforementioned file types. S econdly, the ease with which images can be extracted and converted to the PDF format is also impressive. Users need not have any expertise in handling such tools as it comes with a user friendly interface. It is ideal for novice users. However, the presenc e of many advanced options in the Free CCITT to PDF converter ensures that they can further enhance the output quality. It supports batch conversion mode. This saves a lot of time as a large number of files can be converted in one go and users do not have to upload one file after the other. It is easy on the systems´┐Ż resources because of the small file size. Being free from malware and adware, it is considered to be clean and safe. In order to convert images in the CCITT format to a single PDF format, the F ree CCITT to PDF converter does not require more than a couple of minutes. Users will get high quality resultant files at all times