AVCHD is a container for digital media and is mainly used in major camcorders. As the name suggests, it stores HD quality files. However, the downside with this file type is that it cannot be played on all portable devices. 3GP, on the other hand, is a format that is more compatible and such videos can be played on mobile phones and other media players. Therefore, the Free AVCHD to 3GP Converter is very useful when users wish to carry their favourite videos and music with them at all times. It is a tool that effectively converts HD videos to the latter format without compromising on the quality. The fact that users can accomplish the conversion is just a few minutes is yet another advantage. Once the software is downloaded and installed onto systems, users can start changing their AVCDH files to 3GP and transfer them effortlessly onto their portable players. This is because of the user friendly interface of the converter. Anyone can comprehend the tool without any issues and therefore, the Free AVCHD to 3GP Converter is apt for personal as well as professional use. With the batch conversion feature, users can convert several files in one go and save time. Apart from the default settings, the audio and video parameters can be enhanced with the advanced options. Bit rate, resolution, volume control, frame rate, etc, are some of the preferences which can be modified. Another function worth a mention is that the app comes with a progress bar. With the help of this, users are made aware of the time left for the conversions to be complete. The Free AVCHD to 3GP Converter is free from malware. Being a small sized file, there is no way that it can hinder the performance of the system in any way.