Free AIFF to MP3 Converter

The AIFF to MP3 converter is software that helps in converting audio files in the aiff format to MP3. It is a very useful tool that is simple and can convert files of larger sizes into compact ones, so that the encoding is faster and better. Any files that have extensions such as .aif, .aiff, etc, can be converted into the MP3 format with this software. Apart from the speed with which the AIFF files are converted, the software is famous for the output quality of the audio files once the action is complete. Another key feature of this converter is that the audio effects can be changed by the user. Therefore, the output can be customised as per the users? requirements. So, the AIFF to MP3 converter enables file conversion, customise audio tracks, add subtitles and choose themes. It gives a lot of flexibility to the user with regards to the usage of the various features mentioned above. The software can be downloaded very fast and can be used immediately. The user can convert multiple files from the AIFF to the MP3 format simultaneously. It does not interfere with the other programs that are being run whilst the conversion is taking place and neither does the speed of the device get affected. Once the AIFF to MP3 converter software is downloaded, the user needs to select the .aiff files and change the output to the ?MP3? format. The conversion can take anywhere between a few seconds and several minutes, depending on the number of files that are selected. The software is easy to use and install. Any changes to the audio and other functions can be carried out by even amateurs, thanks to the easy instructions and user-friendly interface. The AIFF to MP3 converter is completely saf