Free Ai Viewer

A viewer is mandatory for all the AI files. AI stands for Adobe Illustrator. These come generally in the format of either EPS or PDF. This AI Viewer supports .ai graphic files. It is not very easy to find this kind of software. If found they come for a price. It is a sheer disappointment when a price is paid but the product obtained in return is waste. There is no guarantee that the quality received from them will be satisfactory. Well, in reality, it is not even remotely close to satisfactory. This tool comes for free therefore; there is no loss in trying. The quality deliver is incomparable. There are various options which could be carried out in this tool. They are zooming, resizing, enlarging, rotating and others. All these function should be carried out without any loss in quality. These properties are rare to find. This is a clean application, free from malwares like Trojan, spyware, etc. The user interface is very amiable and thus the operation of this tool is very simple. This could be used even by a novice without a hiccup. This tool also allows the user to save in another format if wished. Downloading this viewer is very simple, and installation is even simpler. There will be no junk ware assisting this tool thus there is no tension of deselecting it. Be it the quality or the speed, it is better than any other similar tool available in market. Operation of this application is a child’s play. All the user needs to do is to firstly select the files that need to be viewed. It could be just viewed or changes could be made in the file. Changes like resizing or enlarging is done and then saved in destination folder.