The Free 3GP to AVCHD Converter is a great tool which helps users to change their 3GP files to AVCHD. 3GP files are most common on mobile platforms. When these files are to be viewed on a digital platform, for example a camcorder, they cannot provide as much clarity as AVCHD can. This is because AVHCD is a HD format. It provides superior resolution and quality. Therefore, users can make the most of this freeware as it is fast and efficient. The Free 3GP to AVCHD converter is very easy to use and anyone can do so without any need for guides. To start off, users must first install, run and complete the download of the software. Since it is clean, this process can be accomplished within a few minutes. Then they are to add the 3GP files to the converter by clicking on the ‘Add file’ option. Once this is done, users can change the order of conversion as per their requirements. They can also remove items from the list at this stage, if they decide that a certain file does not need conversion. The next step that users need to follow on the Free 3GP to AVCHD Converter is to select and confirm the output options. These include selecting the format to be converted to and the output resolution and quality. They can be changed according to the disk space available and the platform that the media file will be played on. Users can also change the folder that they wish to save the converted files to. Though the application chooses a specific folder by default, the same can be changed. They can also open the output folder from the interface itself, instead of minimizing the Free 3GP to AVCHD Converter and then searching the computer for that folder.