Free 3GP Converter

The Free 3GP Converter as the name suggests, converts any 3GP video files to make them compatible with most popular mobile devices being used. Movies, videos and clips can be saved onto the user?s mobile phone so that they can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime. It is simple software that is quite handy as most users rely on their mobile phones for watching their favorite videos. This Free 3GP Converter is quite flexible as it supports many formats and therefore, you can convert into those which are compatible with your mobile phones. It is free and clean and does the job effectively. The quality of the resultant videos is also up to the mark and there are no issues in the download and installation as well. The conversion can be done with a few clicks and hence, even a novice can handle the same. The user just needs to select the 3GP file and ?Convert? the same for the process to start. Depending on the size of the file, it might take some time for the conversion to be complete. The Free 3GP Converter allows the user to select the ?Output Name? of the file. It does not require any additional apps to be installed and therefore, is quite fitting. There is an option of auto shut down, which enables the computer to shut down automatically once the conversion is complete. This is useful when the user is converting a large 3GP file on his or her device. The download of the Free 3GP Converter is also quite easy and without can be done without any glitches. It is a very simple tool that allows the user to use their mobile phones for watching movies and hence, is worth a try for all movie lovers.