3GP expands as the third generation partnership project that was defined as a multimedia container format for mobile phones applications. Free 3gp converters help convert videos in this format to AVI, DVD or MP4 formats that are used for videos in modern computers. This allows mobile videos to be watched on computers and therby providing a better viewer experience. The converter also allows the reverse process that is conversion of AVI, MP4 and DVD formats to 3GP thus making the video easily portable. The best part of the application is that you could choose a portion of video to be converted. There is compulsion to convert the entire video. This allows optimization in terms of processing time. The user interface of the Free 3GP converter is simple and user friendly. The window has a field for the URL to be fed in. the various options for the conversion formats are also provided. The user needs only to select the required format. If the user intends to convert only a portion of the video there is an option called trim video. This opens a new window where the start and the end markers for the required part of the video can be set. Having done this, the option ‘apply and save’ needs to be selected. Now the user would return to the main window. The bottom of the window holds the button for the final step called ‘convert’. With this the video is converted and available to the user in the required format. Free 3GP Converter is easy to find and download. The advantages of the Free 3GP converter is that it is fairly simple to use. The ‘trim video’ option can help save on a lot of conversion time for long video edits. The application is a two way converter which is another major advantage.