DIVX Codec

The free DIVX Codec has many excellent features and this software tool is basically used to encode DIVX movies and watch MPEG-4 streams effortlessly. The free DIVX codec is packed with various attractive features. The program allows the users to personalize the installation process and therefore it is quite easy to choose programs according to the system. It is compatible with all Window versions which include even the latest versions. The free DIVX codec can be installed along with several other software programs which are an added feature of this codec program pack. This free software program allows the users to select integrated converter tool, web player and player during the process of installation. The software interface has a simple and realistic appearance. It is quite easy to use and install this software program pack. This converter tool is quick and utilizes only a small portion of the workspace. It includes drag and drop feature which is quite useful during the installation process. The program also includes four output formats which are predefined. The four output formats include High Definition, Portable, Handheld and Home Theater. Before the encoding process, the users need to define the output format. The free DIVX codec program is a versatile and easy-to-use software program. It is also easy to comprehend and install this software program as it includes a help wizard. The installation process is quite quick. However, the time taken to convert the videos depends largely on the type of hardware. This free DIVX codec is one of the most popularly used codec in the world with its amazing encoding features. It is easy to download and install this codec pack within a short frame of time. Apart from that, the program is completely free of cost and simple to install